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From Butta's Wardrobe #8

Skating to her own Tune
Arcade is once again here and Sami and I actually got stuff sorted and posted and Wardrobed in record time. That means I can talk about some of the items I like while the event is still on going this round! Starting off my Arcade coverage with the outfit from Decoy, one of the awesome new backdrops from Foxcity and (of course) some Doe hair.

Top, Skirt & Headphones - Night Groove Gacha - Decoy @ Arcade (50L)
Socks & Skates - Derby Skates and Stockings - Reign+Besom
Hair - Renee v2 Candy - Doe @ Arcade (75L)
Backdrop - K-Pop Star 2 (#8) - Foxcity @ Arcade (75L)

The Decoy set this round is simple, and perhaps a bit over done, but I liked it all the same. The core of the gacha is the bikini and skirt in 6 different colors along with a set of matching headphones. One of the headphones, the gold, is rare and you can also get a gold or black romper as rares. I am wearing the skirt in purple and the bikini top in silver with the purple headphones. The skirt comes with the bikini bottoms to help keep everything covered which is nice. The bikini bottoms always seem to be black though. The headphones have a cord that hangs down the right side of the body and the outside circle on the headphones cycles through a number of colors. I do wish the headphones had come resize scripted. the headphones are rigged though so wearing with hair is a bit tricky. The outfit fits well, no issues on the Lara body at all. This is one machine i might need to grab a few more plays on to try and snag a rare.

Doe has three total hair styles at Arcade split between two machines. I am wearing the v2 of Renee using the rare Candy HUD.  The hair is shoulder length, with a half-up tied braid style in the back being the difference on the v2. The v1 style is all down. I like the look of the v2 the best though you really can't see the difference here. It is Doe hair, works well, fits well... yea (needs a Doe Gacha Addicts Anonymous).

The backdrop is from the Foxcity set at Arcade. This is their second gacha in the K-Pop inspired line. I used #8 which was electric shock (can see the video for the song here: they do a great job of matching these up. Foxcity always does a nice job with these. I am also using a Foxcity pose in this photo from the Sweet Tea set.

That is all for the arcade bits in this photo. I decided to pair this outfit with the skates from the Rewind event a while back.

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