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From Butta's Wardrobe #4

The perfect winter outfit?

Top and Skirt - Zoe Top & Skirt in Aqua - Elegance Boutique for Cosmopolitan
Boots - Diva Boots - The Forge
Fur Vest - Gloss Lingerie Outfit - Moon Elixer
Clutch - Valentina Clutch - Belle Epoque Challenge Gift
Hair - Emika Hair - Doe
Backdrop - Pretty in Pastel - Foxcity
Snowflakes - Floating Snow Photo Set - Persefona

Perhaps this outfit wasn't the best for as snowy and cold as the scene turned out, but oh well. It never quite feels cold in Second Life. Today's post pulls in items from a number of stores and events around the grid, centered on the outfit from Elegance Boutique.

Zoe Top and Skirt - Elegance Boutique is still a pretty new store to me. I have often passed them up at events but recently been taking a closer look. This outfit at the current round of Cosmopolitan caught my eye. We see a lot of cage style tops on outfits, but often that is all there is. This outfit adds a ruffle on top, lets call it a modesty ruffle, to keep things a little less exposed. The top fits very well on the Maitreya body, but the skirt did need some alpha work. No auto-alpha is included which is a good and bad. The alpha on this with my body shape goes right to the top of the outfit. It works but if you are a little bigger than me you could have an issue. It does work though and once applied this high waist skirt fits just fine. The outfit does not come with panties but i was easily able to wear a thong from Nerido.

Diva Boots - King Deccan does it again. Deccan Arida is the creator behind The Forge in Second Life. His profile picture shows a rather royal figure in a crown and Sami and I have taken to calling him King Deccan. Anyway.. the boots I am wearing were up for sale at the recent Shop and Hop event that Linden Lab hosted. I am pretty sure they came from an earlier event but we just bought them there. The are really nice, thigh high boots and the fat pack has a ton of color options. You can change four different areas and each area has 9 colors. The pastels matched up well with the skirt and top. I have to say the fatpacks from The Forge are a terrific value and nearly always worth the price.

Valentina Clutch - This was a gift from Belle Epoque. I think i got it because I took a picture for a contest she had associate with Kinky Monthly. Its a simple clutch, came in 4 colors, each with a scripted hold. The best thing though is that they are modifiable so I was able to remove the hold and position the clutch for this picture. Very helpful, especially with accessories like this when you can do a little modding. Thanks to Belle Epoque for leaving that option open. 

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