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An Introduction

Welcome to our new blog!!!  We're both super excited about starting this together.  I wanted to share a little bit about ourselves and what our vision for this blog is going to be.

Butta and I are both avid shoppers in SL.  We go to tons of events, buy a bunch of the subscription boxes, do a lot of hunts, etc.  We're a little bit obsessed you could say.  We've been looking for something that we could actively do with all these goodies that we accumulate.  Most of the time, all we ever end up doing is opening the boxes, sort them into our wardrobe/inventory, maybe wear them once out to the next event and maybe (this is a big maybe), we take a photo of some sort.  We have fun doing this together, but it does get tedious and honestly...a bit boring.

While we sort and open, we of course comment and express what we like or don't like about the items we've gotten.  We both have become very picky about the things that we spend our money in SL on.  After one of the most recent subscription boxes that we received that we were very disappointed in, and after reading comments in the groups about said box, this spawned our idea for the blog.

We wanted to make a blog that focused on brutal honesty about items that we've purchased from creators and events.  There are TONS of blogs out there for SL fashion and events.  They're great!  I love browsing through them, getting ideas from them, seeing people's creativity with their designs and pictures they do for them.  But a lot of bloggers blog for specific creators and events.  They get perks for blogging, right?  They get free items.  They get early access to events.  They get some form of incentive for blogging.  Therefore, you're always only going to get a rose colored review of that item.

When you go online to buy something, say from...Amazon.  You type in what you're searching for and up comes dozens if not hundreds of listings for that item.  You can read about the product.  All the specific information pertaining to that product.  Then, if you're like most people, you look at the reviews.  When you finally pick the one you want to buy, do you buy just based off of the good reviews that you read?  If you're anything like me, I tend to read a few positives, but I base my final decision off of the negatives.  This isn't because I'm a negative person.  But if someone says something bad about a product, I want to know why!  Some people are a lot more nit picky than me, and they complain about things that I think aren't that big of a deal.  Others, have very serious concerns about the items and those are the ones I pay attention to.  I don't know about you, but I work hard for my money.  If I buy something, I want the best chance at being happy with that item.  Don't you?!

So why should buying something in SL, be any different from how you'd buy it in RL?  It shouldn't.  What really gave us the idea for this blog, was watching the group chats and seeing people gush and ahhh about items, that we felt, weren't up to par.  As the saying goes, opinions are like...well you know the saying! lol  Something not being "up to par" is just our opinion.  But what really bugged us and made us want to do this blog, was how the people who had constructive and negative comments were treated by the rest of the group!!!  Don't get me wrong, there is a tactful way of being negative and some people don't know how to pull that off unfortunately.  But why should someone with a less than "it's amazing!!" comment be so ostracized?

They shouldn't!  Hence...our blog!  Look, the creators of SL are talented.  No doubt about it.  I certainly can't do what they do.  I am in awe on a daily basis at what people make in this little virtual world we have.  But just because they can make something I can't, doesn't mean it's perfect either or that we, as consumers, should tip toe around their feelings, stroking their ever growing egos.  Ask any designer in the real world "How did you get better?" and I bet they don't say "All the love of my followers/fans!  They me!"  It was probably from being shot down many times, people giving them constructive criticism, things that worked, and even more things that didn't.  If we aren't allowed to openly give some criticism with our praise, how will they get better?  How will they know what works and what doesn't?

We want people reading our blog, and creators, to understand this blog isn't going to be a place for us to complain about silly things.  You won't hear us say "Ewww, I just think this outfit is absolutely ridiculous and ugly, so don't buy it!"  What you will find in here are issues that we feel, as consumers, you should be made aware of.  Such as "this dress will require a lot of alpha help because the designer didn't script one in" or "this outfit is cute, but the texture over my hips looks a bit weird to me and I see a lot of glitches", etc.  This is about honesty, not pettiness or rudeness.  That's not who either of us are and we never will be. 

We've been warned that this blog might not go over well with a lot of people, especially creators who end up getting something negative said about their item in here.  We expect that and even really DO hope that some creators will read our blog, comment, open up a discussion with us!  We've also been encouraged to use alts for this blog, but we don't want to hide.  We aren't ashamed of what we're doing.  So why not just do a blog on items we love, and just leave the ones with any "negatives" out of it?  Well, what would be the point in that?! lol  There are already a LOT of blogs just like that out there!  We truly hope that people see this for what it is...a way to get an honest review about a product in SL.  We aren't going to be mean or hateful, that's not what we're doing this for.  We plan on being positive, honest, constructive, and sharing things we love right along with items we don't love.

So with all that being said, Butta and I really hope that you enjoy our new, refreshing, brutal, but honest opinions in our blog!  :)

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